The NCGR Code of Ethics / NCGR倫理守則



C.1 Definitions 定義
Advertising, whether paid or unpaid, includes all media, such as magazines, newspaper ads, brochures, business cards, fliers and other printed matter, direct mail promotions, directory listings, resumes, etc. Public statements include advertising as well as statements made in classes, lectures, workshops and other oral presentations, published materials, interviews and comments for use in all electronic media.


C.2 False or Deceptive Statements 錯誤或虛假的聲明

a)   Astrologers do not make advertising claims or public statements that are false, deceptive, misleading or fraudulent, either because of what they state or suggest, or because of what they omit. This includes claims and statements regarding their training, experience, competence, credentials, organizational affiliations, and services.


b)   Astrologers take responsibility for the content of promotional advertising statements made on their behalf.


C.3 Unfounded Statements 沒有根據的聲明
Astrologers willingly and openly reveal their sources of information, whether they be scientific, academic, experiential or mystical. Astrologers do not misrepresent their sources of information, and make every effort to verify their accuracy.


C.4 Misuse of Astrology 誤用占星學

a)   Misuse includes gross misrepresentation of astrological factors used to make sensational and exaggerated claims in public statements.


b)   Astrologers are alert to and guard against personal, financial, social, religious, or political factors that might cause them to misuse their influence.


c)    Astrologers do not participate in activities in which it appears likely that their expertise or data will be misused by others.


d)    If astrologers learn of the misuse of their work, they take reasonable steps to correct or minimize the misuse or misrepresentation.


C.5 Organizational Misrepresentation 誤用組織代表身分

a) NCGR members who represent themselves as such are careful to clarify whether they are acting as a spokesperson or as an individual.


b) NCGR members do not act as spokespersons or imply that they are spokespersons for NCGR without the authorization to do so.