John Marchesella

John Marchesella


前任NCGR美國總會主席 / Prior Chair of NCGR

約翰‧曼徹斯勒(John Marchesella),NCGR-PAA占星師聯盟認證占星師,占星資歷40年,是一名全時專職的執業占星師、同時也是一名喪親輔導員及合格的心理治療師,曾擔任NCGR紐約分會會長、紐約分會會長、NCGR總會教育董事,經常受邀在美國各大占星研討會做公開演講,並為許多專業占星期刊、新聞、雜誌及網站撰寫專欄,他最新共著的作品收錄於“Under One Sky”。

John Marchesella自1976年就已經是一名專業占星師,並受NCGR-PAA占星師聯盟認證。他同時也是一名經常在專業活動中公開演說的演說家,例如UAC研討會以及區域研討會等針對占星學的公開活動。

他的文章經常出現在許多專業期刊或新聞,其中部分可在 找到。他同時也為許多受歡迎的雜誌及網站撰寫專欄,例如 以及,可以看看他共著的“Under One Sky”,是一本關於占星方法的創新文集。

他參與占星協會已有相當長久的時間,包括擔任紐約分會會長,自1992年起擔任美國NCGR總會教育董事並統籌年度教育研討會。他於1997年為 New York Open Center規畫占星教育課程,於2002年在The Learning Annex以易於理解的方式介紹占星學。他除了占星學相關資格外,也是一名喪親輔導員及合格的心理治療師。





John Marchesella has been a professional astrologer since 1976, and is certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).

He is also a frequent public speaker at professional events such as the United Astrology Congress and local conferences, as well as at events for the lay public with a down-to-earth approach to astrology.

His articles have appeared in many professional journals and newsletters. Some of them can be found here or on He has also written numerous columns for popular magazines and websites, such as and Look for his contribution to “Under One Sky” ,an innovative anthology on astrological approaches.

John’s association with the astrology community has been long and involved too, including serving as a past president of the New York Chapter of the NCGR, and since 1992, he is on the Board, working as Education Director and coordinating its annual Education conference.He also designed the astrological curriculum for the New York Open Center in 1997 and an easy-to-understand introduction to astrology at the Learning Annex in 2002.In addition to his astrological credentials, John is a bereavement counselor and certified psychotherapist.

He has a full time astrology practice in New York City, but is a frequent visitor to clients in Los Angeles and eastern Long Island as well as holding consultations over the telephone and on Skype with other out-of-towners.In previous years, John was well-specialized in topics, such as love, work, psychoanalytic interpretations of the natal chart, or prediction. However, time and experience has shown that the astrologer needs only to be true to the horoscope in order to best serve the needs of the client. His approach is based on the adage: For every season, there is a purpose under heaven. Astrology indicates what “season” we’re born into, and therefore, what purpose we serve in life, as well as revealing the meaning of the current time.


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