Jagdish C. Maheshri博士—是一名化學工程師,自1966年起便已開始追求他在占星學以及吠陀占星學的興趣,自2010年起擔任NCGR研究總監,具備45年的占星實務經驗。他已分析並解釋過超過12000幅天宮圖,並將占星學作為一門科學研究已將近35年。他發現可以精準預測時間的技法- 特殊九分推運技法,這個技法可以同時應用於本命星盤以及當作獨立星盤來看的推運盤。他已將此技法應用在他的著作中-“It’s all in Timing ”,他最著名的專題研究是“ Earthquake Prediction Model (地震預測模式)”。



Maheshri博士自2010年起擔任NCGR研究總監。他在2007年三月於巴蒂摩爾舉辦的NCGR占星研討會中發表了他的研究報告-“ Earthquake Prediction Model (地震預測模式)”,在2012年於紐奧良所舉辦的UAC研討會發表演說,並接著在費城所舉辦的NCGR研討會中發表他下一個「地震預測模式」。他目前的研究興趣包括自然與人為災害、國際政治事件、世界經濟發展以及人類靈性進化。他教授吠陀占星、帶領工作坊、上電台節目,並主持網站 www.astroinsight.com。他最新文章是”on the importance of the Wishonttari Dasha in Vedic Chart Predictions (Wishonttari Dasha 在吠陀占星預測中的重要性;刊登於NCGR年鑑,2015年冬季,第69-75頁)”,以及”the Earthquake prediction Model III (地震預測模式三;刊登於NCGR 研究會刊,第五卷,2015年秋季 ).”

Jagdish C. Maheshri, Ph.D. is a chemical engineer who has been pursuing his interest in astrology in general and Vedic astrology in particular since 1966. He has analyzed and interpreted more than 12,000 horoscopes and has been researching astrology as a science for nearly thirty five years. He has discovered a method by which he can accurately time a prediction, the unique Ninefold Progression technique, which can be applied to both the natal and progressive horoscope charts of an individual. He has explained the technique and its application in detail in his book, “It’s all in Timing”.

“Astrology allows a person to enrich and enhance his life by helping uncover his hidden talents and abilities, discover who he or she is, and provide meaning to life”.

As a professional astrologer with over 45 years of practice, he has convincingly explained the nature of rapid evolutionary human growth, especially in the area of technical fields during the last couple of centuries through the influence of planetary motions on our collective human conscious.

Since 2010, Dr. Maheshri has been the Research Director of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). In March 2007 he presented his research paper, “Earthquake Prediction Model” at the national NCGR conference in Baltimore. He spoke at the UAC2102 conference in New Orleans. He ran the research symposium at the NCGR conference in Philadelphia and presented his next model for the earth quake prediction.  His current research interests include natural and man-made calamities, political global events, world economic expansion, and spiritual human evolution. He teaches Vedic astrology, conducts workshops, appeares on radio shows, and hosts the website www.astroinsight.com. His recent articles are on the importance of the Wishonttari Dasha in Vedic Chart Predictions (Geocosmic Journal, Winter 2015, p 69 – 75) and the Earthquake prediction Model III (NCGR Research Journal, Volume 5, Fall 2015).