The NCGR Code of Ethics / NCGR倫理守則

Judging the Seriousness of Unethical Action



Use the Code of Ethics as the minimum standard for ethical conduct. Use one’s common sense as a guide to the degree of seriousness of any violation of the code. Some violations can be very minor, others quite serious. Each situation must be judged on its own terms. Some questions to consider:


Was there potential harm or actual harm?


Was there a formal astrologer-client relationship, or was it informal relationship?

是否有正式的占星師與客戶間關係? 或只是非正式關係?

Was the member in question still a student? Was the member in question clear about their limits of expertise?


Were there other previous cases of unethical conduct with this member?



Additions and modifications to these guidelines shall be considered twice a year by the Coordinator and voted on by the board of directors.



—Adopted Oct. 10, 1998




All members of NCGR are expected to abide by the Code of Ethics.