The NCGR Code of Ethics / NCGR倫理守則



B.1 Maintaining Confidentiality 維護機密

a)    Astrologers respect the confidentiality and rights to privacy of their clients, students and others who they deal with in astrological contexts. Confidentiality applies to the identity of and personal information about clients and other individuals.


b)    Astrologers do not disclose personal information that is unattainable from public sources without the consent of the person involved as long as that person is living.


B.2 Consultations With Colleagues 徵詢同業
When consulting with colleagues, astrologers do not share the identity of the person or persons involved without prior consent. If unavoidable, they share only that information which is necessary to achieve the purposes of the consultation.


B.3 Confidential Information in Data Collections 機密資訊的資料收集
Astrologers seek permission from living subjects (such as clients, students and friends) before including confidential information in named data collections. Alternatively, astrologers use coding or other techniques to protect the identity of the subjects.