The NCGR Code of Ethics / NCGR倫理守則



F.1 Confronting Ethical Issues 面對倫理爭議
Should an astrologer be uncertain how this Ethics Code may apply in a given situation, the astrologer makes a good faith effort to consult with knowledgeable colleagues, organizational representatives, or with other appropriate authorities in order to choose a proper course of action.


F.2 Personal and Religious Views 個人及宗教觀點

a) Astrologers whose personal convictions or religious ethics come into conflict with those of a client or student are alert to the possible compromise of objectivity that may arise. In such cases, astrologers clearly separate their views from their astrological interpretations.

b) Astrologers whose personal convictions or religious ethics come into conflict with this code clarify their differences where appropriate.


F.3 Cooperating With Ethics Investigations 配合倫理調查

a) Astrologers cooperate in ethics investigations, proceedings and requirements of any organization to which they belong. In doing so, they make reasonable efforts to resolve any issues involving potential breaches of confidentiality.

b) Astrologers are honest in their dealings with ethics bodies. Astrologers do not deceive or withhold appropriate information from ethics bodies.


F.4 Improper Complaints 不當申訴
Astrologers do not file or encourage the filing of ethics complaints that are frivolous and are intended to harm the respondent rather than protect the public.


—Revised October 1998

—1998 年10月修正