The NCGR Code of Ethics / NCGR倫理守則



A.1 Applicability of This Code 守則適用性
This code applies to the activities of astrologers in their professional work, as well as in their representations and use of astrology at large.


A.2 Avoiding Harm 避免傷害
Astrologers avoid making statements that could cause harm through confusion, misunderstanding or fear.


A.3 Boundaries of Competence 能力範圍
Astrologers provide services to the public- whether in astrology or in other disciplines- only within the boundaries of their competence based on their education, training and appropriate experience.


A.4 Interpretations and Forecasts 詮釋和預測

a)  Consulting astrologers are careful to present their astrological interpretations and opinions with objectivity and appropriate qualifying statements, rather than as final or unequivocal pronouncements.


b)     Astrologers make predictions only when they are derived from a conscientious application of technique.


A.5 Responsibilities to Others 對他人的責任

a)    Astrologers respect the rights of others, including clients, students and colleagues, to hold values, attitudes and opinions different from their own.


b)   Astrologers make every effort to refrain from any behavior that may reasonably be considered offensive, harassing or demeaning to others.


c)     Consulting astrologers are careful to avoid manipulation of their client’s feelings and emotions.


d)     Astrologers do not present their interpretations or opinions to their clients in a way that could intimidate them.


A.6 Human Differences 個人差異

a)    Astrologers respect human differences, including those due to astrological configurations, age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sexual gender preference, and socioeconomic status.


b)    Should such human differences impair or compromise an astrologer in serving a particular individual or a group, the astrologer makes a conscious effort to ensure fairness and objectivity. Such efforts might include obtaining appropriate training, experience or advice. Otherwise the astrologer should make an appropriate referral.


A.7 Personal Problems and Conflicts 個人問題和衝突

a)    Astrologers refrain from counseling individuals or clients with whom they have personal problems or conflicts which may interfere with their effectiveness or cause harm.


b)   Astrologers remain alert to personal problems or conflicts arising during an astrology relationship, and take appropriate measures to correct the situation or to limit, suspend or terminate the undertaking.


A.8 Sexual Conduct 性相關行為

a)     Astrologers do not engage in sexual behavior with clients or students unless such behavior is clearly separate from and outside of the astrological sessions or work.


b)    Astrologers do not engage in sexual harassment. Sexual harassment consists of sexual solicitation, physical advances, or any other verbal or nonverbal sexual conduct that is offensive or that the astrologer should realize might be unwelcome. Sexual harassment can take the form of persistent or pervasive acts, or of a single act that is intense or severe.


A.9 Third -Party Services 第三方服務

a)    When an astrologer agrees to provide consulting services for someone at the request of another, the astrologer clarifies the role of the astrologer and the extent of and limits to confidentiality with each party.


b)     Astrologers do not attempt to manipulate a person’s behavior on behalf of a third party.